Evaporative Air-Conditioner

Evaporative air conditioning is a great option for those looking for an energy efficient cooling unit. Evaporative cooling has the lowest running costs when compared to other systems like ducted reverse cycles. A typical evaporative system, depending on use and energy rating, can cost as little to run as $37 a year to run. This could save you hundreds on your electricity bills. With electricity prices increasing, evaporative can be a great long-term investment.

Due to the process used by evaporative coolers, 100% fresh air is always circulating through your home. With Australia having high rates of asthma, hayfever and other allergies the fresh, filtered cool air of an evaporative air conditioner can be a great relief to sufferers. But you don’t need to have allergies to appreciate the soothing air of an evaporative system. One step inside an evaporative cooled home and you’ll feel it’s cool air much like a soothing sea breeze. Where refrigerated systems will recycle air, an evaporative system replaces the air in your home every few minutes.

Evaporative air conditioning systems work through the same natural process that helps keep our bodies cool: evaporation. The unit sucks the hot and dry air from outside through pads soaked in water called cooling pads. The heat in the air is absorbed into the water which can hold a lot of heat without changing temperature. Once the water absorbs enough heat it evaporates, changing from liquid to gas and taking the extra heat with it. The air, now cooler, is pushed through the ducting system with a fan to deliver fresh air to your home. The simplicity of its process is what helps it run on so little electricity as only need to power a pump and fan in most units.

With evaporative cooling, you should always remember to leave a door or window open to allow the air from the system to circulate. Since the air is not being recycled or recirculated, it’s ideal to let the air be replaced at least every two minutes.