Ducted Reverse Cycle - Example Pricing

DRC package pricing, your floor plan will need to be supplied to provide exact design requirements, here are some examples of previous installations and their pricing. Please send your floor plan through for your AC design. The factors that effect the design and price include -

- The size and brand of Air Conditioning unit

- The number of zone motors, ducting and outlets required

- How many zones you want to be able to run at the same time, this alters the unit capacity required.

- 2 storey or single storey installation.

We use 'Zone touch' controller as standard, each zone can be modulated by factors of 10% opened and closed. An upgrade to 'Air Touch 3' is an option with the brands we supply, allowing Wifi controls via the smart-phone App, for starting and stopping the unit from the lounge, the bed or anywhere in the world