Battery Scheme FAQ

What is a home battery storage system?

A home battery storage system typically includes a battery and an inverter, paired with existing or new rooftop solar panels.

The system works by harnessing the sun's energy during the day and storing excess energy when the sun goes down. By storing and using more of the energy generated by your solar system, your household will draw less energy from the grid, saving you money on your energy bill.

How much is the subsidy?

The subsidy will be scaled in line with the size of the home battery storage system installed, calculated on the kilowatt hour capacity of the battery system.

South Australian Energy Concession Holders will also be able to access a higher subsidy, helping low-income households access the Scheme.

Home Battery Scheme subsidy levels
Energy concession holder $600.00 per kilowatt hour (kWh)
All other households $500.00 per kilowatt hour (kWh)

For example, a large battery providing 10 kWh storage could receive a $5,000 subsidy, or $6,000 for concession holders.

While the subsidy will vary depending on the size of the battery purchased, it will be capped at a maximum of $6,000.

The subsidy levels and the subsidy cap are expected to reduce over time as competition in the market increases and the cost of home battery systems goes down.

How much can I borrow?

The subsidy from the State Government will only apply to the battery component of the system purchased.

Subject to credit approval, additional finance will be available to assist participating households pay for the balance of the home battery storage system, which may include new solar panels as well as the battery component.

Participating households will be able to borrow up to the total unsubsidised portion of the system, less a deposit (if required by the System Provider).

Do I qualify for a subsidy?

The program is being designed so that it does not exclude any household from purchasing a subsidised home battery storage system.

However, South Australian Energy Concession Holders will be able to access a higher subsidy, further assisting low-income households to access the Scheme.

How much will I save?

How much a participating household will save on their energy bills will vary, depending on the number of occupants in the household, their average energy use, the size of the system being installed and their chosen finance options.

It is important for all households to consider whether the expected energy savings over the life of the battery will cover the cost of its purchase.

Households should seek detailed analysis from System Providers when obtaining quotes for their home battery storage system.

What products are eligible for a subsidy?

The purchase of a home battery storage system may include new solar panels as well as a battery storage component - however, the subsidy from the State Government will only apply to the storage component of the system.

Minimum technical specifications have been developed to ensure the batteries are safe, reliable and capable of being recruited into a virtual power plant.

The Government is engaging with industry to ensure that a range of battery systems will be available for installation that meet the technical specifications.

I want to live off the grid, can I apply for a subsidised home battery storage system?

No. The subsidy is only available for grid-connected solar households. A requirement of the subsidy is that home battery storage systems are capable of being part of a virtual power plant.

Will I have to change my energy retailer?

Not necessarily.

However, it is anticipated that retailers who offer eligible batteries as part of a virtual power plant program will be able to register as System Providers. If you choose such an option, in this instance, a condition of purchasing the home battery storage system may be that the System Provider becomes your energy retailer.

Am I eligible for an Energy Concession? How do I apply for one?

Eligible South Australians on low or fixed incomes can apply for help with the cost of energy bills. The concession amount is indexed each financial year. For 2018–19, you may be eligible to receive up to $223.01 to cover both electricity and gas payments (including LPG bottled gas). For more information, visit:

It is also strongly recommended that households contact their retailer when facing difficulty paying electricity bills. Retailers will work with customers regarding repayment of their bills, and may be able to offer a discounted rate if requested.

More information about the eligibility criteria and how to apply can be found online at

Alternatively, you can call the Concessions SA hotline on 1800 307 758.

I have an existing solar system; can I still access the subsidy?

Yes. The subsidy applies to the battery storage component only.

Households with existing solar systems will be able to purchase new or additional solar panels if needed, as well as the battery system.